Production & Shipping


Under normal circumstances, orders received before 10AM (EST) for items in stock are shipped the day the order is received or within 1 business day if received after 10AM. For items requiring production we reserve up to 7 days for fulfillment, occasionally longer in peak production times, but usually not longer than 3 business days from the date of your order.

Shipping estimates at checkout reflect an estimated delivery date which includes up to 1 day for production, but may not reflect that it is a business day, nor does that estimate reflect production time.

There are number of issues which can delay the fulfillment of orders, so your actual shipping time should be gauged from the date your order is marked “Shipped” and the status is set to “Received” by USPS (or the carrier in the case of special orders). You will receive an email notification of your Tracking Number and a link to where the package can be tracked.

If there is any issue affecting the fulfillment of your order within we will contact you within 3 days of the date of your order.

We do not ship or fill orders on Sabbath (Saturday) in our time zone (GMT/UTC−05:00). Although we do fill orders on Sunday, they do not ship until the following Monday. Our web site remains open but unmanned during local Sabbath hours to accommodate international customers in other time zones.


Shipping is fundamental to our business; but except for in-person delivery, we have very little control over it. Please be patient in the case of shipping delays. It’s as out of our hands as it is is yours. There’s not a lot we can do other than track the shipment, and contact the shipper. Please remember, our goal is the same as yours in regard to shipments. We want to get your package to you as quickly and affordably as possible.

United States Postal Service

To provide a convenient shopping experience we use the US Postal Service’s (USPS) Web Service API to provide live rates for all international and domestic orders. These rates are usually correct, but should be considered estimates only. The automated requests may occasionally display erroneous rates, or unavailable methods, therefore we reserve the right to contact you to discuss shipping options or additional charges (such as duty fees) on your order. There may also be less expensive options.

Orders normally originate from our origin zip code, however they may originate from anywhere in the United States in the event of travel or work performed off-site.

In Person Drop-off/Pickup

If we are on location at a seminar, trade show, or Campmeeting, we may offer a “Cash on Delivery” payment option and a “Local Pickup” shipping method on the website so that you can place your order and pick it up at our table, paying for it at the time you receive it. You may also pre-pay for Local Pickup orders using any other supported payment method.

All terms, conditions and policies remain in effect for any local pickup orders purchased through the website.