Testimony For The Church Number 1, Ellen G. White, 1855

“…we have almost been delivered into the hands of the enemy.” Page 2

Remarkably, just 11 years after the events of 1844, and the once deeply-held religious experience has become a mere theory of truth. The Adventists are warned, the Spirit of the Lord has been dying away from the church.

This very first Testimony is all-original, including all 44 complete “I saw” statements with verbatim punctuation. How different is it? See the full description below.

The text is certified text from The Rare Adventist Book Project. Our new typesetting is designed for easy reading with a generous line spacing, special typographic treatment of Angelic quotes, and inline references to the original page numbers. This is the pocket sized, academic edition, now available in packs of 10.

Precious, comforting light! Don’t neglect the very words God provided to guide us in these last days!

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This is the original 1855 first published Testimony, printed and distributed in Battle Creek with both James and Ellen White in residence; it was prevalent for 16 years before the bound volume was prepared in 1871.


Testimony Number 1 begins with a narrative on the state of God’s people in Battle Creek; how the self-centered attitude had began to prevail, “Am I my brother’s keeper”? The Angel states repeatedly, “thou art thy brother’s keeper.” Many other topics are covered include establishing the correct time to begin the Sabbath, apostasy and persecution from the Age To Come adherents (Stephenson and Hall), an overall lack of faith and consecration, the rise of the Messenger party and the reasons for it, the work in the East, the Westward expansion, parents admonished to attend to their responsibilities, lest “God will surely destroy the children in the day of His fierce anger.”


The size of this book has been chosen intentionally. Testimonies are not material for a quick reading then to be stored away. It’s a testimony of God to his people; as fully applicable today as the day it was given. Therefore it deserves your repeated study. That’s the reason we designed the pocket size Testimonies, so you can keep them with you.


How is the original different than my black Testimony Volume 1?

There definitely are differences, about 650 of them. Some are changes in capitalization and punctuation, others are more intriguing, entire words and phrases changed, some dropped, others added. It’s not the worst we’ve seen of book changes, although in one instance, the words of the Angel are edited. What does it mean? You study and decide.

Using the texts provided by the Rare Adventist Book Project, simply open these files and review the line numbers. The Difference (diff) file contains the full list of changes preceded by line numbers from the original text to the volume 1 file.

Changes from the original are noted as:

[Original Line:Volume 1 Line] {- text removed -}  {+ text added +} 

Testimony 1 – Original Text

Testimony 1 – Text From Vol 1, pg 113 -125

T1 Differences (Original -> Volume 1)


Record At Hathi Trust


White, Ellen Gould Harmon, 1827-1915. Testimony for the Church. Battle Creek, Mich.: Published at the Advent Review Office, 1855.

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