Lessons From The Life Of Solomon, Ellen G. White, 1906 – LARGE PRINT

A Newly Typeset Edition of a rare, out-of-print work by Ellen G. White. (1906).

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“I’ve been instructed by the Lord to call the attention of our people to the history of Solomon…”

Had you read these words before? It’s likely you probably haven’t. It’s been out of print since 1906!

Mrs. White goes on to tell us…

From the record of his reign we may learn many lessons helpful in avoiding the paths that led to Israel’s downfall.”

This amazing inspired material was originally published as a series of 23 articles in the Review and Herald. It details the life of Solomon, starting with David, and reveals many gems of truth as we learn about King Solomon’s experiences. Examples include: counsels on working in co-operation with heavenly messengers, warnings how Satan will try to undermine God’s work, conditions in which God will prosper His people, how God directs His work, traps leading to apostasy, the development of the Christian character, and promises of rewards for consecrated service, plus many, many more!

This book teaches us the pitfalls that the King and the people of Israel fell into. By studying these words, we can avoid those troubles as well as benefit from much needed divine counsel. This is a great teaching tool for individual or group study, including for youth, and the self-directed learner.

Lessons From the Life Of Solomon continues to be used as a standard reference in our online classes for its extreme value and direct application to all of our lives today. It is truly, timely counsel.

You’ll enjoy the easy reading 12pt typeface, with large margins and extra pages for note taking, printed on archival quality acid-free paper. These pages will never yellow. Leatherette cover. Velobound. Ages: Youth-Senior

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