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Incoming Titles – Spring 2019

Updated April 8th, 2019.

In order to speed up production of the new TRSCA critical edition, other titles are temporarily delayed. Sketch and Supplement will now be prepared as facsimiles rather than typeset, so that they can be moved more quickly back into print. We’re considering converting more of these titles to facsimile editions, and will do so as the sources allow.

We have a new Critical Edition of To the Remnant Scattered Abroad, in progress! Using the 1846 Broadside as the favored text, this new edition incorporates and documents the variants. It is a brief but comprehensive work, and aims to serve as the authoritative “record” of the first vision. It’s important to mention this is not an eclectic, or “higher” criticism, it is a lower criticism work to establish a complete, reliable, and comprehensive text.

Variations in these printings of Ellen White’s first vision have resulted in numerous “suppression” allegations through the years. Although some of this ground has been covered, (by Ron Graybill particularly), it’s not all available in one place and much is encumbered by copyright. This is a new, Scholarly objective work which is designed to be distributed. It will be included in some later anthologies, and pericope style narratives.

TitleAuthorYearPage CountRepro Type
The Signs Of The Times Showing That The Second Coming Of Christ Is At The DoorsJames White1853120Typeset
Special Testimonies Series B No. 9Ellen G. White190739Typeset
Experiences of a Pioneer Minister of MinnesotaWilliam B. Hill1892185Facsimile
The Spirit of Prophecy Volume IVEllen G. White1884504Typeset
Testimony for the Church, No 5Ellen G. White185932Typeset
A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. WhiteEllen G. White185164Typeset
Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White Ellen G. White185448Typeset